Welcome dear investor, to our website. We are happy, that you are interested in our company. For today company is seeking financial resources for developing business project and growing existing small model of this business. Let us provide you with basic information about our company and project.


Company (Legal Entity) Overview

Organizational Legal Form: Joint Stock Company

Company name: Lynx

JSC Lynx was founded in September 2020. 

Brand Overview

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Commercial activities by the company is carried out under trademark (brand) LYNX. The development strategy of the company (business) envisages development of a trademark and its formation as a brand.

Brief description of the business

Currently the business is focused on production and sale of high quality, functional, environmentally friendly, solid wooden furniture. At the initial stage of business development, it is planned to produce all types of furniture, except soft furniture (including bedrooms, kitchens, tables and chairs, cabinets and pumps for various purposes, consoles, decorative items and so on).

This business model envisages the gradual development step by step. The final stage of business implies the existence of the following services / products:

• Manufacture of furniture for individual order and / or projects.

• Mass production of furniture for local and foreign market.

• Supply retailers with exclusively produced models.

• Own branded furniture salon (showroom), which will sell furniture of serial production.

• Interior and furniture design services.

• Complex renovation works.

Development of the listed directions can be done in stages, or in parallel, depending on the volume of financial resources.

Market Overview

Domestic market

As of today, the production of natural wooden furniture is not developed in Georgia. There are no organized enterprises specializing in wooden furniture. The main suppliers of wooden furniture are importer companies, which import and sell a limited range and quantity of European furniture at a very high price.

At the same time there is a growing demand for furniture made of natural materials.

Export market

Most wooden furniture companies in Europe and the United States do not have their own production and they order furniture manufacturers in Asian countries. Considering the labor and tax policy, it is possible to produce wooden premium furniture in Georgia at a competitive price for European and American furniture companies.

Description of the company's current developmental stage

We have already created a small business model of the abovementioned intended business.

The company owns a small factory which is equipped with basic machinery for wooden works the temporary (transitional) structure of the company was defined and gradually staffed with relevant personnel.

For the first few months, the enterprise was operating in test mode, making experiments to obtain the desired quality of produced furniture.

In July 2021, the company opened a small showroom in Tbilisi and started sales.

Beside this, to date, the enterprise has completed several small projects under individual order.

In summer 2021 company signed a contract with one international furniture brand representative in Georgia, which regards production several models of furniture for sale under brand of this company in Georgian market. According to the contract, we already started production for this company, and we had several sales.

You can find our product here: https://www.lynxcorp.ge/shop?lang=en

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